I'm a pioneer in electronic publishing. My newsletter, Wiretap, was available (and profitable) online in 1985, and was cited for excellence in online publishing the following year by the Computer Press Association. Besides being published online and on paper, Wiretap was distributed via e-mail with bridges to fax and overnight delivery-- revolutionary stuff 20 years ago.

Since then, I've remained deeply involved in online publishing, championing electronic media at
Ziff Davis, CMP, Time Inc., Mecklermedia, Pennwell, and many other companies. As Editor of Mobile Office, I was responsible for making that magazine one of the first monthly newsstand magazines to be
available on the World Wide Web. As Editor of NetGuide, I wrote the initial specification for what became the storied NetGuide Live. (I learned recently that Craig Newmark was a programmer on the project, writing critical pieces of its complex content management system.) As president of the consultancy 3Ships Communications in 1996, I produced The New Media Guide, an early exercise at the intersection of electronic commerce, database publishing, viral marketing, and social networking. I also consulted on many online projects in the boom years of Silicon Alley.

As the founding Editor-in-Chief of
Internet Shopper magazine in early 1997, it's possible that I invented the "magalog," a format revived and improved by Condé Nast this century in the form of Lucky, Domino, and some departed others. Here's a 1997 column from the New York Times, which says -- five grafs from the bottom -- that no other consumer publisher had ever before put out a magazine solely devoted to shopping. As I've no wish to be Al Gore on this, contrary proof would be welcome.

An in-demand public speaker, I've presented at numerous Comdex, Internet World, and Folio: shows. My many television appearances include Good Morning America, CNBC, Extra, and The f/x Morning Show, and I've been a frequent guest on CNN networks around the world. I introduced CNN's viewers to the Internet on the occasion of the launch of cnn.com, and for two years, had a weekly spot on CNNfn's "Biz Buzz" program.
In 1996, I debated the import of online campaign fundraising on-air with Arianna Huffington and Sen. John Kerry. (She thought it was a fine idea; him, not so much.)

My career started at United Press International, where I covered stories including the divestiture of AT&T, experiments in fusion power, and the return of American hostages from Iran. I was a senior editor at Computer Shopper, and led consumer technology titles including PC Sources (heralded by Samir Husni as one of the biggest launches of the 1990s), Mobile Office, NetGuide, Time Digital, and Internet Shopper.

I'm a graduate of Union College and the Stanford University Professional Publishing Course. I'm not the economist Dan Rosenbaum, the doctor Dan Rosenbaum or the sportswriter Dan Rosenbaum. Nor am I the Dan Rosenbaum who toured with Rent, the Dan Rosenbaum who performs with the Electric Light Orchestra or the music publishing executive Dan Rosenbaum -- though do take a look at the Music tab in the sidebar. Please e-mail me for a full CV.